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13 October 2023
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The key benefits of fund administration outsourcing

tmf group fund administration

Flexible, scalable operations. Significant cost savings. Faster access to accurate, real-time data. Enhanced due diligence processes. These are just some of the advantages for private equity managers who outsource to an independent fund administrator. As outsourcing is a significant change from doing everything in-house, we have outlined the key benefits and other important factors to consider.


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Fund formation and administration
Variable Capital Company: a key structure for investment in Singapore

Singapore’s Variable Capital Company (VCC) corporate structure offers considerable advantages for fund managers and their investors. Their advantages are enhanced by generous government financial incentives.

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Fund formation and administration
Venture equity valuations in 2023: from darlings to dogs – part two

In the second part of his examination of the valuations market, Mark Marcus, TMF Group’s Director of Valuation Services, takes a look at what the future holds.

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