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17 August 2021
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Is your company ready to expand internationally?

Executives can often underestimate the complexities of international expansion, which means they find it hard to achieve consistency and standardisation from day one. Find out if your company is ready to expand into new markets.

View of digital connections among artificial satellites emerging on orbit of planet Earth in space
Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI)
GBCI 2023: Geopolitical and economic turbulence

In the first of three themes explored in TMF Group’s Global Business Complexity Index 2023 (GBCI), we look at the impact that global economic factors such as inflation, employee attrition and the war in Ukraine are having on business. We also examine how geopolitical challenges are affecting the expansion and growth plans of companies around the world.

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Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI)
GBCI 2021: Focus on incorporation complexity

We look at the factors contributing to the complexities of incorporating in different jurisdictions and how companies can navigate and overcome them.

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Expand your business efficiently across borders

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