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29 September 2021
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GBCI 2021: Managing rules, regulations and penalties when expanding across borders

Managing and maintaining entities across borders can be an endless source of disruption, uncertainty and risk, especially if you are looking to expand into unfamiliar jurisdictions.

Global entity management (GEM) involves anything related to the creation and ongoing management of corporate structures. The challenge for businesses is to be able to manage this local complexity while maintaining a strategic global view of entity management.

GBCI 2021 and global entity management

TMF Group’s Global Business Complexity Index 2021 provides an authoritative overview of the complexity of establishing and operating businesses around the world. It explores factors that drive the success or failure of international business, with a focus on operating in foreign markets, and outlines key themes emerging on the global scene and their associated local intricacies across 77 jurisdictions.

Here we revisit the findings of the GBCI, looking at our key trends from a GEM perspective.



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Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI)
GBCI 2021: Why should employee wellbeing matter?

Following up on the 2021 Global Business Complexity Index, we take a closer look at the world of HR and payroll, focusing on the key theme of employee wellbeing.

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Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI)
GBCI 2021: Focus on incorporation complexity

We look at the factors contributing to the complexities of incorporating in different jurisdictions and how companies can navigate and overcome them.

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