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09 September 2021
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TSA Negotiation: How to ensure best practice and knowledge remain after a carve-out

Successfully negotiating a Transition Services Agreement (TSA) between buyers and sellers in a carve-out enables a fast and clean separation.

When entering into a carve-out deal, there’s an expectation that the seller will continue to provide certain services to support the buyer while it establishes operations.

Often the parties enter into what is known as a Transition Services Agreement (TSA) that governs the temporary provision of services to the new company. As early as possible in the process, both parties should consider if a TSA is needed, what the scope will include and what the duration of the TSA will be, based on the complexity of the transaction.

Company formation and administration
Structuring and operationalising TSAs for carve-out success

Every transition services agreement (TSA) is specific to the carve-out deal, and aligning the expectations of both the buyer and the seller is critical.

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What you need to know about the French tax on health insurance (TSA)

The scope of the French TSA (tax on health insurance) is quite broad, covering all premiums or contributions paid to French or foreign insurance companies, mutual unions or related companies covering health risk in France.

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