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Leading provider of trade credit insurance, Atradius wanted to switch its provider of payroll and regulatory compliance services in India, as it was falling short in keeping pace with local regulations and laws.

The challenge

Atradius turned to TMF Group to serve its entity management, payroll and accounting and tax needs in India, with the company’s presence and experience in so many jurisdictions around being a key factor in the choice. Compliance is key for the insurer: everything Atradius does needs to comply with the Companies Act and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs regulations.

The solution

In addition to serving Atradius’s day-to-day payroll, accounting and tax needs, TMF Group has also helped the company in some more specialist areas of corporate entity management. For example, TMF Group helped the company change the name of its Indian entity from PTI Credit to Atradius India Credit Management Services, managing the process to ensure it ran smoothly and addressed all legal requirements without any complications. TMF Group has also worked with Atradius to help it adopt new business practices in areas such as debt collection services.

The working relationship with TMF Group is a two-way process which has helped Atradius streamline and adapt procedures and processes to ensure maximum efficiency for both internal and external stakeholders.

Through our experience of working with TMF Group, we have established a solid partnership and mutual understanding. As part of our expansion plans, we aim to set up offices in other regions in India, and our partnership with TMF Group will grow with us.

Arun Soundarajan CFO Southeast Asia and India, Asurion

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