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TMF Group helps CAM Resources Berhad maintain focus on strategic management.

The challenge

Household product manufacturer, CAM Resources Berhad, was expanding both organically and through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). However, when the company prepared for an M&A transaction, it often found itself overwhelmed with a huge amount of administrative and compliance work. The M&A process often took a significant amount of time and resources, over and above the regular daily task of managing the business.

Company management understood the importance of M&A to corporate development and long-term growth, and knew it could not allow any aspect of the process to slip. Compliance is the top priority, and failing to manage it well poses operational and reputational risk. CAM Resources Berhad chose to work with TMF Group because of its reputation as a global service provider with extensive knowledge and experience in legislative and statutory requirements.

The solution

Each time the company prepares for a new merger or acquisition, TMF Group helps with the submission of paperwork, shares best practice and provides reminders along the way. This has helped relieve CAM Resources Berhad from the burden of compliance, providing management with peace of mind and the freedom to focus on strategic business direction.

TMF group provides all the professional corporate secretarial support we could ever hope for. Whenever we need help or clarification, it is just a phone call away. “When we embarked on our first M&A transaction, TMF Group held our hands throughout the process. It even provided us with a complete manual containing checklists and step-by-step guides, outlining all the statutory requirements. This made our job so much easier.

Lee Poh Hong Finance Manager | CAM Resources Berhad

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