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Industry: Computer software

When enterprise software company LzLabs expanded into Canada, it needed a partner who could do more than simply take care of basic back-office functions. It needed certainty that functions such as accounting and payroll were done the right way, and in full compliance with Canadian law. It turned to TMF Group for help.

The challenge

When LzLabs decided to expand operations and build a local presence in Canada, having a huge management team on the ground was not a priority. It wanted to be able to focus on its core business of software development.

The company contacted a couple of consultants in Toronto, looking for a full-service offering. It wanted to engage a provider who could both help it establish a new subsidiary in Canada, as well as take full care of back-office functions.

The solution

LzLabs chose TMF Group to help it expand in Canada for two main reasons. The first was the responsiveness to its queries. The second was the completeness of the answers provided, right from the beginning. LzLabs was impressed by TMF Canada’s Toronto-based team’s knowledge about what needed to be done. All it took to get things up and running was a straightforward exchange of information and documents.

Another important factor was TMF Group’s global presence, which makes it an attractive partner for LzLabs’ future expansion plans. The company is planning to establish a sales presence in two other Canadian locations, and TMF Group is already supporting LzLabs in this process.

The services provided by TMF Group to LzLabs in Canada include payroll, human resources, accounting, corporate secretarial, directorship and incorporation.

It’s harder for a young and not-yet-global company like LzLabs to build a presence in a new market with no local support. That’s where TMF Group has been so helpful. I have been very impressed not only by TMF Group’s speed, responsiveness, and quality of work, but also by the professionalism and overall support we experienced during the whole process. The team seemed to know what I was looking for before I even asked for it, and that made the whole process easier and faster. It was a great success.

Thilo Rockmann Chairman and COO | LzLabs

About LzLabs

LzLabs is a software company that develops innovative solutions for enterprise computing customers, including its LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. It has over 100 employees.

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