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About Power Electronics

Services for: Global entity management, accountancy and tax compliance

Provided in: India

Spanish multinational industrial electronics manufacturer, Power Electronics, was having difficulty locating a trustworthy firm to handle some of its accounting needs, as well as provide an affordable solution to meet local tax compliance and company secretarial needs as it expanded into new international markets.

TMF Group was able to offer Power Electronics the complete package of services it needed – including entity management, accounting and tax compliance. Power Electronics was also attracted by TMF Group’s ability to deliver these services in more than 85 countries around the world. It knew that once it had established a relationship with TMF Group – and was happy with the services – it could use the same provider in other countries as it continued to grow.

Power Electronics is continuing to expand into new markets and plans to open several new offices with TMF Group’s support over the coming years.

When we first started working with TMF Group everything was explained very clearly – how the relationship would function, and who I would need to contact for the different services being provided. The response to enquiries is always very prompt and professional, and the explanations I get are easy to understand and straight to the point, which always makes life easier. One of the specific highlights I find most helpful about TMF Group is that we have one customer client relationship manager – and that person can help us in other markets as well.

Christine Foster, International Business Development Manager, Power Electronics

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