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10 myths of global payroll technology

“Global payroll technology” – I hear a lot of promises being made in the industry for what is an illusory concept. It has significantly advanced in recent years, especially with the advances in Cloud-based technology and solutions. Ultimately, however, technology cannot do everything.

Is the cost of payroll really decreasing? Does one payroll model fit all? Is global reporting really easy? Can technology alone deliver service?

These and 6 other myths are revealed in this short and easy-to-read paper, written by TMF Group’s Global HR & Payroll Operations Director.

“…We’re in a people business and technology relies to a significant degree on the ability of individuals to make considered, timely decisions and enter data accurately.

So, I’ve compiled my top ten myths of payroll technology – the misconceptions, inaccurate comments or wide-of-the mark views I hear from our competitors, technology suppliers and, sometimes, even clients…”

Mark Kimberling

Global HR & Payroll Operations Director

This paper is a must-read for HR, payroll and IT professionals, who are tasked with finding the right solution to meet their business requirements.

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