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23 September 2022
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Top three benefits of the TMF Group and Workday partnership

Managing and providing payroll services for your employees can be overwhelming, especially if your business operates in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Choosing an outsourced service provider for all your payroll and HR needs can be a great option, especially when the provider has partnerships that enhance the offerings.

One such partner is Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications. The company delivers financial management, human capital management (HCM), planning, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest organisations. Its aim is to offer more holistic end-to-end solutions to its diverse and global HR and payroll clients. 

TMF Group became a Workday Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) partner in 2017. Our Workday Standard Certified Integration connects directly with the payroll systems in TMF Group local offices, supplying them with payroll data. The partnership has enhanced our profile as a leading global player in the HR and payroll outsourcing market. It enables us to offer tried and tested integrations, which provide the benefits of Workday’s accreditation. 

Both existing and new TMF Group clients who have made the investment in an HCM application – and want to benefit from our network of wholly owned offices and more than 1,500 payroll specialists – see this accreditation as the final stamp on doing business with us.

TMF Group has certified integrations covering 39 countries as well as integrations for time tracking and external payslips. The partnership between TMF Group and Workday has been hugely beneficial both to current clients and to businesses looking for integrated end-to-end payroll solutions.

Here are the top three benefits of the TMF Group and Workday integration.

1. Automated, repeatable, standardised

The integrations between companies using Workday and TMF local offices are automated, repeatable and standardised. This makes it straightforward for TMF Group to use the tools provided by Workday to gather and update payroll data for clients to use in their local offices to process payroll. All data is kept in the Workday service, which enables businesses to see trends that may have an influence on their operations.

2. Reduced risk

When it comes to working with a payroll outsourcing partner, companies are looking to avoid business operational risk. The certifications provided by Workday give companies the reassurance that the integrations provided by the partners are built by experts and are tried and tested. Risk is reduced for both TMF Group and its clients through our ownership of the integration, build and maintenance processes.

3. Faster deployment, with fewer resources

Companies that already use Workday may believe they can take on building their own Workday integration for payroll. But doing the work in house can be a challenge to the business, because of the many processes involved and continued compliance needed for the payroll integration. TMF Group builds custom integrations for our clients, allowing for proper implementation and ongoing maintenance. This results in faster client payroll deployments, with lower demands on client HR information system (HRIS) resources.

In addition, TMF Group has Workday Payroll integration solutions certified in most countries where we operate, enabling companies to access our Workday-integrated services with minimal setup.

How TMF Group can help

TMF Group understands how important payroll services are to our clients and the partnership with Workday solidifies our offering. We are the only company worldwide to provide the combination of fiduciary, company secretarial, accounting and tax and HR and payroll services essential to the success of businesses investing, operating and expanding across multiple jurisdictions.

Need more information? Get in touch with us today, or visit our Global Payroll and HR services webpage to learn more.

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