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21 May 2020
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Covid-19 Return to office - Letter to clients

Dear Clients and Business Partners

I hope you are well and managing through the Covid-19 pandemic. I am writing to give you a brief update on how we at TMF Group are planning to manage the transition out of lock-down and home-working as many countries start to relax travel and distancing rules.

We continue to focus on maintaining client service and employee safety. My commitment throughout is that we are as helpful as we can be to you - our clients and partners - during this moment of stress and uncertainty. That is mainly about ensuring uninterrupted service. We are also continuing to maintain a list of government schemes around the world that you may be able to benefit from with over 600 now listed.

While some countries are still seeing a rise in cases, others are beginning to relax their rules. That will allow us and other firms a gradual return to our offices. Given the variation in rules by country, our guidelines for a return to offices will reflect what is permitted in each country. At the same time, we are conscious of the restricted supply of PPE and not wanting to add to the pressure on getting it to health services and other critical front-line workers.

With that in mind, our local plans will reflect three phases, starting from full work from home (phase 1), moving to a staggered partial return to the office for a maximum of 30% of the workforce (phase 2) and finally moving to rotational work with a maximum of 50% of teams working in the office (phase 3). We have done detailed planning around the move across phases. As a result, we expect no disruption to client service.

If you have any concerns, or wish to raise any questions regarding our Covid-19 response, our plans for return to work, or support we can provide to you and your business please don’t hesitate to ask your usual TMF Group contact, or use this link.


Mark Weil
CEO, TMF Group