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14 June 2022
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TMF Group launches Private Debt Insights report in partnership with Private Equity Wire

TMF Group, a leading provider of compliance and administrative services, serving more than 9,000 clients in 85 jurisdictions, launched the latest Private Debt Insights report today.

The report gives insights on the Private Debt environment internationally, with data acquired from 127 respondents residing in North America (41%), Europe (40%), APAC (7%) and the others spread across Latin America, the Middle East and other parts of the world. The questions covered the investment in private credit, exposure to the debt market, the risks of the private credit market, the priorities for investment and ESG, among others.

Analysis includes:

Investment, exposure and performance, covering the potential of the private credit market and its risks 

  • Business operations, concerns and priorities, evaluating what is in investors’ heads when it comes to this type of asset class
  • ESG, the rising trend of the hour, how investors are viewing the market and how many of them have incorporated ESG criteria in their investment decisions 
  • Portfolio monitoring and technology, which covers how investors monitor their assets, what they are looking for and the different ways they do it.

Andrew O’Shea, TMF Group’s Global Head of Funds Services comments: “GPs increasingly look to TMF Group for a scalable tech platform to administer their debt portfolio, firstly to automate routine tasks, but increasingly for a means of gathering consistent, quantitative, performance data. Leveraging technology to optimise back-office operations and to enhance performance data gathering allows GPs to focus their time on adding value, whilst improving the standard of information available for LP reporting."

Flavia Micilotta, our Director of ESG Solutions also said: “Integrating ESG considerations in the investment process means a more comprehensive risk framework can be built, factoring in long term risks which might be overlooked during conventional risk assessments. Having a good overview of how companies are able to manage the risks and opportunities arising from ESG helps to demonstrate how resilient a business is. A good quality evaluation of that is only possible if the data flow from companies to their investors is happening smoothly and the quality of the metrics looked at is truly significant and impactful." 

Media Contacts

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