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03 October 2019
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TMF Group named industry ‘Leader’ and ‘Star Performer’ in global payroll offering by Everest Group

Everest Group identifies TMF Group as an industry-leading firm, in its Service Provider Landscape and Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2018.

TMF Group, a leading provider of global business services, has been named a leader for its payroll services in Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) Service Provider Landscape and PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2018. 

TMF Group is one of three firms, out of the 15 firms and over 1,000 deals assessed, that has earned the titles of ‘Leader’ and ‘Star Performer’, according to the independent research firm, Everest Group. The accolade reinforces TMF Group’s strength, global coverage, innovation and the expansion of their global end-to-end payroll processing, supported by the TMF Horizon online platform, noted particularly for its success with small and medium-sized business clients. 

Everest Group’s 2018 MCPO PEAK Matrix™ Assessment, is an independent report assessing market impact and vision, and capability of MCPO service providers. The report analyses attributes including clients, recent wins, revenue, service and technology offerings, country coverage and partnerships, and benchmarks companies against this data.   

The 2018 assessment places TMF Group as dominant market leader when assessed by number of active deals (live contracts to provide multi-country payroll services for clients). By this measure, TMF Group dominated the market with a 61% market share, compared to its closest competitor ADP, with 17%. 

When examining MCPO market share by the number of countries covered, Everest Group found that TMF Group has the largest market share by number of active deals in all three subsectors of country coverage: 2 – 5 countries, 5 -10 countries and greater than 10 countries (market share by TMF Group is 66%, 67% and 66% in each subsector, respectively). 

The report by Everest Group was compiled using its proprietary database of over 1,000 MCPO deals and the operational capability of 15 MCPO service providers. Everest Group measures companies’ market impact and vision and capability to create the MCPO PEAK Matrix™. 

We’re delighted to be named a ‘Leader’ and ‘Star Performer’ for our global payroll services based on the number of deals, service, innovation and growth that we have displayed. TMF Group is increasingly seen as the provider of choice, shown by our lead in market share, which is credit to our local experts across the globe, who provide specialist knowledge to our clients and the continued investment into TMF Horizon, together supporting end-to-end payroll processing.

Darren Beal Portfolio Director, TMF Group

TMF Group has continued to build on its success in the Multi Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) market. Continuous investments in its platform and integration capabilities, combined with a differentiated delivery model focused on a local presence have contributed to creating a robust solution, which is particularly appealing to the small market. With a solid foundation in place and additional investments planned around digital technologies, TMF Group is poised to capitalize on opportunities in this fast-growing market.

Anil Vijayan Practice Director at Everest Group

 To view the full report, see here.

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