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16 January 2018
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TMF Group signs Pierluigi Collina as brand ambassador

TMF Group, the leading global provider of compliance and administrative services, has signed former football referee Pierluigi Collina to be a global brand ambassador.

Mr Collina was named FIFA’s “Best referee of the year” six times in a row, and has officiated at both World Cup and Champions League finals. His decisiveness, authority and understanding of the rules is seen as an ideal fit for TMF Group, much of whose work revolves around helping their 15,000 clients navigate overseas regulatory regimes.

Mr Collina will appear at client events at TMF Group locations around the world, discussing rules, compliance, respect for authorities, preparation and performance.

Pierluigi Collina is considered the best referee of all time not just because he knows the rules, but because he understands them, respects them and passionately ensures their implementation. He is a superb metaphor for the work we undertake for our clients, which involves having respect for authority, applying enormous knowledge – but doing so quickly and sometimes under great pressure. It is an honour to work with Pierluigi Collina and, together, we look forward to helping our clients understand the rules of global business.

Richard Fitzmaurice, Chief Marketing Officer, TMF Group

I am working with TMF Group because we share the same principles: rules, compliance, and respect. In both business and football, you need to know the rules, and you need to respect the rules, to be successful.

Pierluigi Collina, TMF Group's global brand ambassador


Mr Collina will work alongside Sir Ranulph Fiennes, himself appointed as a TMF Group ambassador in 2016 and a man described by the Guinness Book of Records as “the world’s greatest living explorer”.


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