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Tax compliance transformation: Risks and Strategies for Global Management

07 September 2022

Learn about how an organisation can align their tax planning and tax strategies with business strategies.

The global tax landscape is changing rapidly as economies navigate through the pandemic. Governments and regulatory bodies are implementing tax reforms to aid local businesses and national/local economies and, at the same time, to create opportunities for healthy cross-border relationships. While some changes may be one-time/temporary, others can have longer-term impact. This is resulting in significant implications for the tax function as they need to ensure continual compliance with new tax legislation as well as proactively anticipate future changes and challenges.

In light of this challenging and constantly evolving environment, organizations need to develop a robust strategy for tax compliance management as it is no longer a transactional back-office function and can have significant business impact on both the bottom and the top-line. It is imperative for organizations to effectively manage tax compliance with dedicated focus on transforming the process in alignment with business goals.

In this research whitepaper, you will find answers to key questions including:

  • What are the key challenges in tax compliance management?
  • What are the key enablers of transformation in the tax compliance process?
  • Is outsourcing a potential solution for effective tax compliance management?
  • What is the future outlook of the tax compliance process?

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