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Our accounting and tax consultancy services

Taking on large, complex projects can be a daunting prospect. Whether you’re expanding into new markets or transforming operations and structures, we can make the process easier by guiding you on the accounting and tax implications of your strategic activities. TMF Group’s experts have the knowledge and understanding of local and international regulations to ensure that you have the support you need, as well as hands-on experience to provide practical solutions to complex challenges.

How we can support you

 Our finance transformation services

We can help you to deliver finance transformation projects that provide real benefits to your business – while ensuring compliance from an accounting and tax perspective.

Our finance transformation experts can assist you with resolving complex technical accounting issues, streamlining your finance operations, building robust internal controls and navigating the financial aspects of market expansions or business transformation programmes.

What can we help your business achieve?

  • Improved finance processes.
  • Robust internal controls.
  • Increased preparedness on local accounting rules and requirements.
  • Financial health check support.
  • Rigorous and agile M&A integration projects.
  • Sound technical accounting and consolidations.
Technical accounting

We understand the importance of technical accounting in international business operations. Our team of experts provides technical accounting services to ensure compliance with accounting standards and international regulations. We offer a range of technical accounting services, including:

  • Accounting policy development and implementation.
  • Revenue recognition analysis and implementation.
  • Accounting for business combinations and consolidations.
  • Lease accounting.
  • Financial instruments accounting, including hedge accounting.
  • Accounting for income taxes.
  • Financial health check support for M&A projects.
Market entry assistance

Getting established in a new market can be a challenging process. Our market entry services help businesses expand into new markets efficiently and successfully. We can support you with:

  • Market entry reporting and analysis.
  • Collection of local accounting and tax requirements.
Finance process optimisation

At TMF Group, we believe that efficient finance processes are essential to achieving success. Our finance process optimisation services help businesses streamline their finance processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency within the finance function of international businesses. We offer a range of finance process optimisation services, including:

  • Process mapping and diagnostic analysis.
  • Process redesign and implementation.
  • Internal controls implementation and testing.
  • Preparedness for centralised accounting delivery models.
  • M&A integration support.

Tax compliance represents a complex and challenging task for businesses. TMF Group’s experts provide comprehensive tax guidance services to help businesses with indirect tax questions and processes.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, global solution that guides entities through these complex indirect tax matters and processes, and can also support international expansion or new market entry with guidance on local tax requirements.

What value can our tax guidance services add to your business?

  • Confidence over indirect tax matters.
  • Greater understanding over the treatment of indirect tax requirements.
  • Mitigation of potential tax exposure (risks/penalties).
  • Clarity over local tax rules.
Our tax guidance services
  • Health-checks to assess tax risk and identify opportunities for savings.
  • Guidance on value-added taxes (VAT) for international expansion and cross border transactions.
  • VAT training.
  • Market-entry reporting.
  • Recommendations regarding tax registrations, invoicing requirements and tax obligations.
  • Preparedness for centralised tax delivery models.

Embedding local accounting and tax requirements within systems and processes is an essential consideration for ERP implementation.

Our team of experts understand the importance of local compliance and work closely with you to ensure that your ERP system is tailored to meet the unique accounting and tax requirements of each country in which you operate.

What value do our ERP localisation services offer to your business?

  • Clarity over local accounting, tax and invoicing requirements, for you and your ERP implementation partner.
  • ERP compliance with local GAAP, IFRS accounting, tax and invoicing rules.
  • Tested and validated ERP systems and processes.
  • Correct accounting and tax ERP configuration.
Accounting services for ERP localisation

It is crucial to correctly incorporate accounting processes into your ERP system and configure it to meet the requirements of cross-border operations, while complying with local laws and regulations.

Our team of experts will work closely with you, to ensure that your ERP system is optimised to support global business activities:

  • Reviewing country-specific ERP configuration guides and providing guidance on how to implement the system in line with local statutory requirements.
  • Advising on local GAAP to group GAAP reporting requirements and capabilities.
  • Creating local accounting scenarios to be included in test scripts.
  • Reporting any potential accounting localisation gaps throughout the project.
  • Identifying system limitations and proposing workarounds to meet local requirements.
  • Supporting or executing user acceptance testing.
  • Providing post go-live support.
Tax services for ERP localisation

For successful ERP implementation, it is crucial to understand the local tax requirements in each country where you operate - and to integrate them comprehensively into your system.

Our tax experts combine their local knowledge and practical experience with ERP systems to support your localisation projects:

  • Defining tax rates for indirect taxes, including VAT, GST and consumption taxes.
  • Defining tax rates for withholding taxes.
  • Specifying tax codes to be implemented within the system.
  • Identifying system limitations and proposing workaround solutions.
  • Advising on local invoicing requirements and obligations for the storage of documents.
  • Automating tax processes and decision making in ERP systems.
  • Creating tax scenarios to be included in test scripts.
  • Testing of scenarios and tax logic.
Coordination and support services

In addition to our accounting and tax expertise, we offer project management services and additional support to ensure the successful delivery of complex implementations.

Our services include:

  • Project management and coordination across global locations and functional areas.
  • Reviewing and amending data if required for data migration.
  • Reviewing, adding, or amending test scripts.
  • Training for the end users.
  • Support with business process documentation.
  • Support with knowledge transfer to your local offices or shared service centres.

Why choose TMF Group for accounting and tax services?

You need your accounting and tax processes to be efficient, scalable and adapted to your business. Our in-country experts and localised technologies can help you reduce costs, manage complexity and mitigate the risks associated with cross-border compliance.

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We make a complex world simple

TMF Group is a leading provider of critical administrative services, helping clients invest and operate safely around the world. More than 10,000 colleagues in 125 offices across 86 jurisdictions provide local expertise. Our locations cover 92% of world GDP and 95% of FDI inflow.

We are a key part of our clients’ governance, providing the accounting, tax, payroll, fund administration and legal entity management services essential to their success. We make sure rules are followed, reputations protected and operational compliance maintained. We work with the majority of the Fortune Global 500, FTSE 100 and top 300 private equity firms.

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