International entity healthchecks

Worldwide entity compliance checks

In today’s business environment, it is increasingly important that multinational corporations make sure that their entities are in good corporate standing in order to maintain good corporate housekeeping and also to minimise threats to their operation, such as suspensions of business licenses or delays in refinancing.

TMF Group, with over 7,000 experts in more than 83 countries, has experienced company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals, who understand local rules, regulations and requirements, ready to keep your foreign entities in good corporate standing. We are able to provide official details about your company’s structure, assess the compliance situation and recommend the next steps that should be taken to remediate any discrepancies found.

In order to overcome the challenge of administering entities on a global scale, multinational companies need two things; trustworthy information and a clear action plan.

To support this, our local corporate secretarial experts assess the compliance situation of your international entities and provide a report with the results of the appraisal, clarifying the necessary next steps to keep your companies fully compliant with local regulations.

TMF Group offers two options:

  • Corporate Entity Report
  • TMF Healthcheck

Corporate Entity Report

Through our Corporate Entity Report you will be provided a snapshot of the public information held on all of your entities around the world so that you can identify if the correct information is being received by local authorities. Our local experts will point out possible compliance failings your entities might have and recommend an action plan to solve them.

TMF HealthCheck

Multinationals need a smart way to verify the accuracy of the information available regarding their entities in local public records, local statutory records and internal corporate databases.

TMF HealthCheck provides a match and review of information available across all available sources. Our local lawyers, paralegals and company secretaries focus on identifying areas of discrepancy and non-compliance, including statutory filing obligations for your entity type, and consolidate this assessment together with basic entity information, such as legal registration and incorporation details, registered office addresses, current directors and shareholders and present this information all in a clear, straight-forward report. Through TMF HealthCheck, we will recommend an easy path to keeping your entities fully compliant in every market in which you operate and help you make it happen.

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