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Established in 2014, TMF Fund Management (Ireland) Limited (formerly Goodbody Fund Management Limited) is a regulated Alternative Investment Fund and UCITS manager regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. TMF Fund Management (Ireland) Limited (“TMF-FM”) provides tailored fund solutions to Undertakings for Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). Our service ensures fund partners meet their risk management, compliance and governance requirements through our experienced fund experts. Although we manage and cater for a wide range of funds, we have particular expertise in real estate and private equity funds, with an in-house real estate and private equity asset management teams.

We use our expertise as well as our local and international networks within the TMF Group to make your fund launch or transition as smooth and efficient as possible. Our ongoing attention to detail and our commitment to building long term relationships, as well as the ability to provide a wide range of fund and corporate services within the TMF group sets us up apart from our competitors.

Our services

We tailor our services to each client’s service requirements, typically we provide some or all of the following services:

  • Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) to EU and Non-EU domiciled AIFs.
  • Manager to UCITS.
  • Portfolio management, risk management and governance roles.
  • Performance or oversight of all local regulatory and compliance requirements for a fund.
  • Sourcing of all service providers required to launch a fund.
  • Provision of the marketing passport allowing AIFs to be marketed in the EU.
  • Distribution of AIFs and UCITS in a limited number of jurisdictions.
  • Provision of asset management expertise for real estate and alternative investment funds.
Our approach

We work with your structures and processes, which will be managed by a well-established and experienced team of experts.

Our experience

Depth of expertise designing optimal structures.

Well capitalised

Backed by a strong parent, with the potential to provide a wide range of fund and corporate services.


We can provide an umbrella fund platform for new and smaller funds, which is cost-effective Versus a self-managed alternative.

Operational infrastructure

Benefit from expertise of wider TMF group.

Asset Management Expertise

Priority access to our in-house real estate and alternative asset management experts.

It is TMF-FM policy that remuneration is consistent with and promotes sound and effective risk management and does not encourage risk management which is inconsistent with risk profiles, rules or instruments of incorporation of the investment funds management by TMF-FM (“Funds”).

TMF-FM has established a remuneration policy, which sets out principles applicable to the remuneration of the senior management, all staff members having a material impact on the risk profile of the Funds as well as all staff members carrying out pre-approved control functions, including Directors (in-scope staff).  TMF-FM has elected to apply the proportionality principle as provided by the guidelines, and the remuneration policy has therefore been conceived in a way and to an extent that it is appropriate to its size and internal organization as well as the nature, scope and complexity of its activities.

Remuneration includes a combination of fixed and variable remuneration, and may include participation in the TMF Groups’ group-wide discretionary bonus scheme.  Variable remuneration is discretionary and based upon a number of factors that are not directly linked to the investment performance of the Funds, although performance of the Funds could ultimately affect the performance of TMF-FM by virtue of its business model. Variable remuneration will be assessed by senior management to ensure that it does not encourage excessive risk taking.

The remuneration policy is in line with the business strategy, objectives, values and interests of TMF-FM, the Funds and the investors of the Funds and includes measures to avoid conflicts of interest.

One individual acting as non-executive independent director received fixed remuneration for their role as a member of the board of TMF-FM.  No variable remuneration is paid to this director.

The remuneration policy provides that:

  • The fixed and variable components of total remuneration of in-scope staff are appropriately balanced and the fixed component represents a sufficiently high proportion of the total remuneration.
  • Identified staff are compensated in accordance with their professional experience, responsibility, job complexity as well as relevant market conditions and entity and group performance.

As provided for under the regulations, TMF-FM discloses the remuneration on an annual basis to shareholders of the funds.

Where TMF-FM appoints a delegate to carry out portfolio management or risk management, it ensures that the delegate is subject to regulatory requirements on remuneration that are equivalent to those set out in the guidelines or puts in place appropriate contractual arrangements to ensure that there is no circumvention of the remuneration requirements.

Our SFDR Statement can be accessed here.

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We make a complex world simple

TMF Group is a leading provider of critical administrative services, helping clients invest and operate safely around the world. with over 11,000 colleagues in more than 125 offices across 87 jurisdictions provide local expertise. Our locations cover 92% of world GDP and 95% of FDI inflow.

We are a key part of our clients’ governance, providing the accounting, tax, payroll, fund administration and legal entity management services essential to their success. We make sure rules are followed, reputations protected and operational compliance maintained. We work with the majority of the Fortune Global 500, FTSE 100 and top 300 private equity firms.

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