Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) services

The United States FATCA law has far-reaching consequences for non-US companies with US assets or accounts. Failure to comply can mean big penalties and multiple country-specific mechanisms make global compliance complicated.

TMF Group’s comprehensive FATCA compliance services and global network of local experts can simplify and support any aspect of compliance or relieve you of the entire burden.

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What is FATCA?

Under FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, any company officially classified as a ‘foreign financial institution’ (FFI) must report to the US authorities any financial accounts held for US persons or citizens, as well as any foreign entities in which US persons or citizens own a substantial stake. Penalties for failure include a 30% withholding tax on gross US earnings.

FATCA compliance is through bilateral inter-governmental agreements (IGAs), which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, making global compliance complicated.

  • Some IGAs let FFIs report locally – but only through that jurisdiction’s unique local process because the FATCA requirements have been incorporated into local law in a distinctive way.
  • Other IGAs let FFIs report straight to the US tax authorities but here there is a risk of conflict with local regulations governing things like data protection.

FATCA reporting, classification and compliance with TMF Group


Companies must determine for themselves whether they qualify as an FFI or fall into some other FATCA classification. TMF Group’s comprehensive classification service does this job quickly and reliably.


We help FFIs register with the US tax authorities (IRS) to obtain their Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN). 

New client onboarding

For FATCA onboarding, customer due diligence checks must be performed on all new account holders to check whether they are ‘reportable’. We help collate and review the critical documentation, identify US indicia (signs of possible FATCA reporting obligations) and resolve any problems, working sensitively with the account holder where necessary.

Due diligence for existing accounts

As with onboarding, we collect, review and assess account-holder information, review indicia, and help resolve issues as part of FATCA due diligence. We then provide clients and their account holders with clear compliance overviews.


Whether reporting direct to the US or via the local tax authorities, our FATCA reporting services relieve international clients of their entire administrative burden, as well as all procedural uncertainty, across any number of jurisdictions.

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