TMF Horizon

Global payroll intelligence at your fingertips

TMF Horizon links traditional payroll to an online portal that is specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern payroll delivery, (often referred to as “middleware”). TMF Horizon complements TMF Group’s global payroll service.  It offers digital payslips, access to data, workflow task management and global reporting.

Most companies struggle to access data for effective payroll delivery on a local level and find it nearly impossible to implement a single portal across multiple countries.

TMF Horizon meets these challenges by offering a single, online portal that allows delivery of a local format payslip. TMF Horizon assists payroll professionals by introducing a workflow task tool with daily reminders to help with accurate payroll delivery to employees.  Data is transferred securely within the system, so confidential information regarding employees does not have to be emailed.

We understand many companies cannot consolidate reports globally; therefore, with TMF Horizon, access to data is not simply limited to employee payslips.  Payrolls are processed on many different systems with varying capabilities, outputs, currencies and languages. TMF Horizon offers a suite of reports that can be accessed at local, country, regional or global levels in a single format.

Finally there is the issue of payroll visibility and performance. TMF Horizon has two dashboards:

1. To monitor the progress of every payroll in every country where TMF Group processes a payroll for your company, complete with approval steps

2. To show performance metrics across one or all of these payrolls to monitor both TMF Group and your own businesses’ performance.  These statistics can be shared nationally, regionally and globally.

Key features

TMF Horizon enables you to provide a better payroll service for your employees through:

  • ePayslips
  • Communication tool between employees and your HR and Payroll team
  • Secure data exchange between you and TMF Group
  • Clear workflows with approval steps
  • Dashboards for payroll analytics
  • Management of all payroll schedules through a single online portal
  • Access levels – employee and professional (for HR, Payroll and Finance teams)

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