Corporate Secretarial services in the USA

Whether it’s called corporate secretarial, company secretarial or legal administration, the act of keeping compliant with regulations wherever you operate is essential to keeping your business going.  

TMF Group can help to keep you compliant, manage your regulatory risk and provide transparency, both in-country and across borders. 

Our US offices can provide you with the following corporate secretarial services:

Incorporation Services 

  • Formation of new entities 
  • Registration of additional entities
  • Maintenance and compliance of existing entities
  • Annual Compliance Filings

Mandatory Annual Compliance

  • Preparation of up to two Resolutions for Approvals & Meetings

Other Statutory Requirements

  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Reports with Department of State. (The amounts payable to the state in annual fees, and franchise taxes is not included).
  • Preparation of up to two draft board minutes(for example, with regard to a change of director or other statutory matter, or approval of a commercial contract or matter)
  • Registered Agent Services.


Custody and maintenance of the statutory registers and minute books of the company as required, including:

  • Articles of Association
  • Register of Members
  • Register of Directors & Secretaries
  • Minutes BookSafeguarding and keeping of record of transfer of shares and/or membership certificates

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