From reducing complexity in doing business to supporting social entrepreneurs in their mission, TMF Group is working to make a positive contribution to the world

Our CSR programme 

Just as we do for our clients, we work to make a complex world simple for social entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations. 
Our network of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambassadors, with leadership from our global CSR committee, provides the focal point for TMF Group’s CSR activities around the world. They empower our local teams to support social enterprises.

Ashoka partnership

Ashoka LogoAt the heart of our CSR programme is our partnership with Ashoka, the international organisation that supports social entrepreneurs to drive social change, making a difference to communities across the globe.

Ashoka has helped many social enterprises grow, from Wikipedia to companies offering environmental, medical and educational solutions.

As a global organisation, Ashoka faces many of the challenges that our clients do, so we are providing Ashoka with pro bono services to support its organisation, as well as working with its fellows to help social enterprises thrive. 

Bringing our values to life

Building long-term relationships with social entrepreneurs and local organisations is a great way to make a positive contribution to society and deliver long-lasting and meaningful benefits to the communities where we live and work. TMF employees are able to contribute using the unique set of behaviours that make up our corporate culture.


3 indian men with 3D printed face masks
In 2020, TMF Group Service Management Analyst Jayesh Bamnote worked with his brother and a friend to 3D print reusable masks, for local police officers, traffic officers and cleaning staff members to use.


Our values

The TMF Group values: Teamwork, insight, services, talent and integrity