At TMF Group we have spent more than 30 years building teams of experts. Based in 125 offices across 86 jurisdictions, our people have the local knowledge, expertise and language skills you need to make a success of operating in an unfamiliar territory or across borders. 

The most complex places to do business are often the most attractive and our local expertise means we know how to navigate all challenges in each location on behalf of our clients.

Since 1988 TMF Group has built into a global company by acquiring businesses and hiring the best in the business, so that you can be confident in the knowledge that we will ensure good governance. 

The Global Complexity Index is our annual report ranking 77 jurisdictions on the ease of doing business.

A piece of proprietary research, it is based on the expertise and insight gained by subject matter experts on the ground, working on behalf of clients every day. 

Each year the impact and influence of the GBCI grows, providing invaluable insight for our clients and organisations around the world, and making governments sit up and take notice. 

The 77 jurisdictions account for 92% of global business and 95% of FDI flows so it has truly global reach and is the leading piece of research and analysis across the professional services industry. 

The report increases understanding of what it’s like to do business in a particular location and feeds into our purpose of encouraging global trade, helping governmental organisations know what is required to make their territory easier to operate in and encourage investment.