Our performance

TMF Group has grown by an average of 8% year-on-year since 2013.

2020 results

Performance in 2020 was characteristically strong as a result of our OneTMF transformation programme and accelerated by our response to Covid-19.

Our recent acquisitions are oriented around building a world class private equity and real estate funds capability and follow the purchase of State Street’s fund administration business in the Channel Islands in 2019.  The funds space is fast-growing and our global footprint gives us a natural advantage over more narrowly based competitors for fund administration, SPV management and portfolio company support.

We provide critical, recurring services for our clients. As such, we start each year with around 90% of revenue in place as a solid base to build on. We operate in a large, growing and fragmented market that is being fuelled by increasing regulatory complexity and sanctions, whether around employment law, regulatory filings or accounting and tax rules. We are one of the leading players in that market but, with just 5% share, there’s plenty of room to grow. We also have a great opportunity to grow with existing multinational clients who we currently serve in just a few locations.

Mark Weil headshot

"2020 was a challenging year for many of our team personally and professionally. People remember how you behave in their moment of need. I couldn’t be prouder of how our people responded, looking after each other and looking after our clients, often in very difficult circumstances."

Mark Weil,

TMF Group's CEO

Patrick de Graaf

"Our results come from looking after the fundamentals of our business - our people, our clients and how we serve them. Those are key pillars of our plan and are a sustainable basis for solid top and bottom line growth at TMF Group."

Patrick de Graaf,

TMF Group's CFO