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Creating new digital delivery models and enhancing client experience, while providing valuable insights and analytics.

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TMF Digital

At TMF Group, we fully understand the complexity of operating a business or investing on a global scale.

We believe digital solutions are there to augment and enhance our unique combination of experts and delivery capabilities in the 86 jurisdictions in which we operate.

Our digital strategy brings together transformative and disruptive technology capabilities to create new digital delivery models, enhance client experience and provide valuable insights and analytics.

Why? Because we make a complex world simple for our clients, so they can focus on running their business or investing around the world.


Next generation digital client platform

Our next generation digital client platform – TMF KRAIOS – is transforming the way clients engage and interact with our teams and services, wherever they are on their journey with us.

TMF KRAIOS provides an intuitive self-service user experience, developed using a cloud-native microservices architecture, and built on elastic infrastructure.

Augmented by AI (artificial-intelligence), it offers the ability to connect to service-related activities, workflows, analytics and insights.

Our clients (and assigned third parties) use TMF KRAIOS to:


Access information relating to the legal entities we support

Raise service requests

Exchange documents securely

See work status and upcoming events (including compliance related items)

Communicate with our client delivery teams

Provide approvals

TMF Horizon

Global payroll intelligence at your fingertips

TMF Horizon - meets the challenges of complex global payroll delivery, supporting more than 150 global clients and their 45,000+ employees across 90 countries and 19 languages.

Many companies find it difficult to access data to deliver payroll locally, and struggle to implement a single interface across multiple countries.

TMF Horizon meets these challenges by offering a single digital platform enabling clients to provide a consistent global payroll service including:

ePayslips in local format

A workflow tool to ensure accuracy

Secure data exchange

A suite of consolidated payroll reports that can be accessed at local, country, regional or global level in a single format

Dashboards to monitor payroll progress by country and show performance metrics

A connected landscape enabling global client delivery

We recognise our clients expect a consistent and efficient service, irrespective of where we serve them.

Our global application portfolio combines industry leading software solutions to ensure local statutory, regulatory and legislative compliance across our services portfolio and to connect with TMF KRAIOS and TMF Horizon.

Our global process frameworks have been codified and localised into our service orchestration and workflow solution to drive consistent process outcomes and human/bot workflows.

Our intelligent automation portfolio combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to drive service effectiveness and efficiency

Our digital roadmap

Our roadmap is designed to continuously evolve our digital solutions.

Our technology solutions enable millions of outcomes

Clients put their trust in our technology and our teams to safeguard their day to day operations. By offering a robust and secure digital infrastructure underpinning our services we’re helping clients invest and operate safely around the world.


6.5 million

payslips a year



accounting reports





€150 billion