Women at TMF Group

Operating in 85 jurisdictions, our teams are as diverse as the countries and cultures in which we work. Approximately 60% of our global workforce are women, coming from all walks of life and professional backgrounds.

As diverse as the clients we serve

As an employer that supports equal opportunities for all, we are working to accelerate gender parity in the workplace. We push forward and look to make a difference, championing and moulding a diverse working environment through policies and recruitment initiatives that are designed to be gender inclusive and equal.

At TMF Group we are proud of our multicultural global team, in particular the high-calibre female leaders we have across our business. They bring with them different and unique styles of management and ways of operating, to help create the diversity we need to be a successful business.

Initiatives include:

  • a bespoke mentoring programme for women, with dedicated cohorts, to nurture talent 
  • talent review processes that identify female candidates for succession planning
  • training on unconscious bias to help eliminate inequality in the workplace
  • regular profiles of women in the organisation, highlighting female achievement 
  • a global diversity and inclusion (D&I) lead, with local leads in each of our markets to enhance our ability to address D&I topics
  • gender confirmed as a priority topic for D&I activities.

9,100 experts

120 offices worldwide

85 jurisdictions