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Professional social network looks to outsourcing for global expansion

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet, explains how they expanded their global footprint effortlessly with the support of TMF Group.

Services for: Accounting, Corporate Secretarial and Tax Compliance

Provided in: China, Japan and Singapore

Says Lora D. Blum, Senior Director, Corporate Counsel, LinkedIn Corporation: “In 2011, after setting up our Asia headquarters in Singapore, we were working on setting up operations in Japan. Unfortunately, the Japanese regulations require new businesses to have at least one director who is a Japanese resident. We did not have anyone in Japan at that time"

“Our outside counsel recommended TMF Group to us and they were able to provide us with corporate management services, which included provision of a general directorship."

 “TMF Group provided a complete solution in helping us to set things up in Japan so we could get things moving. They took care of everything from company formation to the opening of bank accounts."

“TMF Group simplified our entry into a new market in just a few easy steps and made it quite easy for us. With their assistance, there were minimum resources required from our end and that allowed us to focus 100% on the business of getting a new office opened.”

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