Toshiba | TMF Group case study


Consolidating local entity management on a global scale.

Outsourcing boosts efficiency, predictability and consistency for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Services for: Global entity management

Provided in: 47 jurisdictions worldwide

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, a leading provider of retail store technology, turned to TMF Group to consolidate and manage its in-country entity management on a global scale.

Historically, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions used 47 different law firms – one in each country – to handle its corporate entity maintenance, and needed people in house to manage and consolidate this work. Not only was this inefficient, it was also complex to manage. In many countries the company’s local employees were fully occupied with business operations and needed support with local governance.

The company recognised the need for consolidation, but was having trouble finding a partner willing to take on the management of its local entities on a global scale.

Now, working with TMF Group, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has a partner who can bring together its global corporate enterprise management function under a single roof – boosting efficiency, predictability and consistency. The company can be sure that its corporate structures are established and maintained correctly in every jurisdiction, in compliance with local rules and regulations, as it adapts its business to changing market needs.

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