HR and Payroll services in Hong Kong

Your people are valuable resources that need to be managed efficiently. Hong Kong employer obligations are there to protect both you and your staff, which includes the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance. Employees covered by the Employment Ordinance are entitled to protection including payment of wages, granting of statutory holidays, benefits such as rest days, paid annual leave, sickness allowance and more. Our HR and payroll services provide you with everything you need to keep on top of essential HR requirements.

Payroll – From calculating to payment deposits into individual employees’ bank accounts, we can assist with the entire administrative payroll process and provide customised payroll reports.

Online HR solutions – We provide a ‘self-service’ employee online payroll solution that allows you to effectively manage your staff wages. Our online i-Leave HR system helps to process leave applications and approvals.

Contracts and handbooks – Your employees will require contracts that are in accordance with Hong Kong law. We supply employment contracts and handbooks that meet legal requirements.

Provident fund schemes – Provident fund schemes in Hong Kong, such as MPF, can take some time to understand. We can assist with organising and implementing statutory provident fund schemes to help ensure on-going compliance with local employment requirements.

Tax and compliance – We can review rental reimbursement claims to ensure compliance with company policies and tax requirements.

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