Accounting and Reporting services in Malaysia

At TMF Group Malaysia, we have assisted foreign businesses to navigate the challenges and opportunities that Malaysia presents. We provide a tailored service that takes into account the unique operations of your business and your requirements. We work with companies on an individual level to help take care of Malaysia tax registrations, bookkeeping, consolidation and statutory accounts preparation, and filing. We can also prepare corporate management reporting as required by Malaysia or international accounting standards.

Our local office in Malaysia is equipped to assist you with:

  • Bookkeeping – We can help you manage all of your accounts across multiple aspects of your business.
  • Consolidated accounts preparation and reporting – TMF Group Malaysia can assist you with the process of consolidating your financial statements, so that all your subsidiaries report under the umbrella of the parent company.
  • Corporate and individual tax compliance – Tax regulations are not to be taken lightly. We can help you to maintain compliance across both corporate and individual tax obligations.
  • Credit control administration and reporting – We are ready and equipped to help you identify channels of creditworthy income and provide reports which support findings and insights.
  • Financial administration – Our TMF Group Malaysia office has a wealth of experience in assisting with numerous elements of company financial administration.
  • Independent payment validation and processing – We can help facilitate and manage aspects of independent payment validation and processing for your company.
  • Indirect tax compliance (GST) – Indirect tax is one favoured method of government revenue and as such it is important that you comply with GST requirements.
  • Management reporting in IFRS, MFRS or PERS – We can help you with management reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards and Private Entity Reporting Standards.
  • Personal tax compliance – Alongside your professional tax obligations, we can assist you and your team with personal tax compliance.
  • Provision of cheque signatories – TMF Group Malaysia is able to provide cheque signatories for our clients’ bank accounts and can liaise with relevant parties when necessary.

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