Corporate Secretarial services in Hungary

Our Hungarian team are experts in a wide range of corporate secretarial services and can help you keep on top of your corporate compliance.

We provide incorporation assistance, corporate records maintenance and directorship services. We also help big and small businesses to meet the minimum statutory compliance requirements according to Hungarian law for example the organisation, coordination and execution of the mandatory annual general meeting (AGM) and further shareholder meetings.

For multinationals, we can act as a delivery agent or assist in other ways.

Directorship services

Directorship services are provided in conjunction with accounting and tax compliance services to non-trading entities. We provide management services by rendering one more or more individuals who act as:

  • Managing director(s)
  • Managing director for company dissolution (Receiver)
  • Proxies (Prokurist)

These persons will conduct the business of your company only with your prior approval and/or instruction.

Corporate Secretarial Services

  • General meetings documentation: in accordance with local legislation and your internal rules, we can call and organise annual shareholders, board of directors and advisory committee meetings plus prepare all necessary documents and complete other necessary steps for example we ensure the presence of a notary if necessary or an updated list of shareholders
  • Annual filing: we can prepare the management board activity report, the annual report (applicable only when a statutory audit is required), the sole shareholder's resolution approving the financial statement or one appointing the auditor (if applicable) and the application to the court on filing of the financial statements. We can, of course, also take care of the actual filing of the documents
  • Help you ensure your statutory books are in order: our services include maintaining the corporate records of the company as well as arranging the registration of various corporate data updates with the National Court Register
  • Assistance during company dissolution: we aid you in the preparation of documents connected to the shareholders meeting which we can also attend. Adopting the resolution on opening the dissolution and appointing a receiver, as well as preparing required forms and gathering all the necessary documents in order to register opening of dissolution in the National Court Register. We will monitor all activities during the process of dissolution and take care of closing the dissolution and striking the company out from the Hungarian authorities.

Additional Corporate Secretarial/Administrative Services

  • Organisation of the (physical) annual general shareholder meeting
  • Assistance with extraordinary shareholder or board meetings/resolutions (director changes or changes of articles of association)
  • Non-recurring legal or specific management or administrative services and further ad hoc requests
  • Assistance with opening a bank account in Hungary
  • Assistance with tax and legal registration in Hungary

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