Accounting and Reporting Services in Ireland

Irish entities are required to prepare statutory accounts under either Irish GAAP or IFRS. Audited accounts are required for all Irish subsidiaries.  In general, statutory financial statements must be prepared, signed and approved by the directors, submitted to the AGM and published within 9 months of the period end. Special regulations and requirements have to be checked and considered on a regular basis.

Working with our local experts can help you to overcome these challenges ensuring you remain compliance at all times.


By trusting your finance and accountancy services to a truly independent third party with global reach, you can help mitigate these risks and deal with the challenges more efficiently, whilst ensuring your management time and resources are focused on both your core business and your growth strategy.  We work with every company individually to provide a flexible and scalable solution that meets bespoke needs.

In Ireland, TMF Group can help you with:

Statutory accounts: maintaining your books and records in accordance with local Irish rules and directives, Preparation of draft financial statements for presentation to the Board of Directors for approval, preparation of audit schedules and liaising with local auditors to accomplish audit sign-off. The bookkeeping can be maintained using our accounting software or yours, from our office or at your premises, as per your preferences and requirements.

Management reporting: tailored to your individual requirements in terms of formatting of reports and trial balance, currency, frequency and accounting standards (including IFRS, US GAAP or Irish GAAP).

Consolidated reporting: monthly, quarterly and yearly assistance in preparing output accounting reports and accounting reconciliation, including the reconciliation between statutory and (company or group) management reports.

Administrative support: assistance with the preparation of your payment orders, the issuing of your customers’ invoices and the archiving of your accounting documentation, as well as with the preparation of statistical reports required by the local statistical office.

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