Jersey: the destination of choice for fiduciary and corporate services

Why Jersey

Jersey is a leading international finance centre, characterised by its independence, stability, tax neutrality, robust legal system and high regulatory standards. The jurisdiction is underpinned by a mature finance industry with world-class infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce delivering the highest quality trust, corporate and fund services.

With its favourable tax regime, the Channel island has been a destination of choice for trust and corporate services for many years.

Our core areas of expertise

Our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals in trust, accountancy, secretarial, risk and regulation operate under a Trust Company Business licence issued by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

TMF Jersey’s focus is on building long term, productive relationships with corporates, corporate executives, institutions, real estate managers, sovereign wealth, endowments, pension funds, UHNW individuals, entrepreneurs and families from around the globe.

Our expertise lies in our knowledge and experience in servicing simple, high value and more complex structures involving Jersey companies, partnerships, unit trusts, trusts, private trust companies, foundations and executive share schemes, all within a regulated environment. This is augmented by our professionals’ experience in the purpose and activities of these structures, be they for cross-border transactions, joint ventures, real estate investment, private equity investment, capital raising, securitisations, employee incentive plans, asset protection or succession planning.

This is all underpinned by our industry-leading infrastructure with our ISO27001 Data & Information Security Standard accreditation, providing clients with peace of mind in regards to the confidentiality of their affairs.

Our full range of services include:

  • Accounting and Tax services: We take care of local statutory bookkeeping, full consolidated accounts and management reporting to relevant local and international standards. We also help you manage your tax and reporting obligations.
  • Capital Markets Services: We provide support to capital market transactions at local level and on a global scale. We help to manage and administer a wide range of transactions, from a simple escrow to a complex multi-tranche securitization, a project finance transaction or a syndicated loan. We can also help direct lenders in need of support to administer their loan portfolio.
  • Consultancy solutions: A flexible service allowing companies to deal with complexities created by expansion into new countries or growth in existing overseas locations.
  • Corporate Secretarial services: We can take care of recurring compliance filings, manage routine corporate changes and retrieve any official corporate documents from official registries.
  • Governance services: We help you stay compliant, manage your risk and regulatory obligations, including your local legal requirements for Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Know Your Customer (KYC), CbCr notification, Master File / Local File and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) register. 
  • Family Business Wealth solutions: We administer services that provide for private clients and their extended families, manage multiple and complex cross-border assets, navigate tax and regulatory issues, and plan for estate and business succession.
  • Real Estate Investment services: Our expertise covers work in multiple jurisdictions, including international holdings and administration of property companies, along with fund administration.
  • Private Equity Investment services: We support investment managers with bespoke back office solutions, administer complex international investment structures, and facilitate your expansion and international operations.

Local services

In addition to our global portfolio of services* our Jersey office provides extra support for specific local requirements.

1. Investment in UK real estate

Overseas investors continue to be attracted by the long-term capital appreciation and income generation characteristics of UK real estate assets, enabling them to diversify, enhance and preserve their wealth. Experienced investors are structuring their investments through Jersey real estate investment vehicles which, with adequate planning, may generate advantages when acquiring and holding UK-based assets. Jersey offers a tax-neutral and tax-transparent environment, whilst enjoying a longstanding partnership relationship with the City of London. This provides investors with an efficient means of investing in real estate and engaging with international business which flows through the UK.

TMF Jersey’s real estate team has extensive experience in administering structures that own commercial and residential property investments and developments across Europe – though predominantly in the UK – on behalf of our clients. Our core strength includes the establishment, onward management and administration of companies, unit trusts, private trusts, limited partnerships and private real estate funds.

2. Investing platforms

A Jersey Private Fund (JPF) provides a quick and simple solution to establish an investment vehicle which may be offered to a restricted circle of investors who qualify as ‘professional’ investors (subscribing for interests with a value of at least £250,000). Funds will benefit from a rapid 48 hour fast-track authorisation, no PPM requirement (as units in a JPF cannot be offered to the public generally), structural flexibility in terms of the legal form the fund may take and the location of its management entity and relevant board members, and with potentially reduced initial and ongoing costs.

3. Executive and employee incentives

The use of an employee benefit trust (EBT) is an effective way to motivate and incentivise employees, and to align the employees’ interests to those of the company’s shareholders. These arrangements are a critical component in the employer and employee relationship, and when used efficiently, can enhance and optimise performance.

Jersey’s tax framework and modern trust law makes it an attractive jurisdiction in which to locate an EBT arrangement. TMF Jersey has experience in the administration of EBTs for companies based in single and multiple countries.

*Availability of our global portfolio is country dependent. Make an enquiry if you'd like to find out more about our specialised, professional expertise.

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