Trustee Services


Chairman:   Jorge Ignacio Sodano
Directors:   Claudio Sergio Cirocco
    Luciana Graciela Calia
    Felipe Loris Couyoumdjian
  Luis Gustavo Vernet
Deputy Director:   Marisol Codino
Controllers:   Fermín Oscar Castro Madero
    Martín Juan Lanfranco
    Daniel Alberto Fuentes
Deputy Controllers:   Hector Pedro Lanfranco
    Julius Alberto Lahti Durante
    Vanina Isabel Ricciotti


Risk rating

On April 03, 2019, FIX SCR S.A. AGENTE DE CALIFICACIÓN DE RIESGO, affiliate member of Fitch Ratings, - Reg. CNV N°9, has granted TMF Trust Company (Argentina) S.A. a FD 1 (Arg) with Stable Perspective rating, the highest rating for a trustee in Argentina.

Achieving this rating implies that "the company displays the highest level of skill and performance in most of the evaluated aspects [and that] its organization, technology, as well as its operation, communication and control systems are of the highest quality."

Investor Protection Code:
National Direction of Personal Data Protection 

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