Structure finance and private equity services in Argentina

TMF Group is one of the most important and experienced administrators of structure finance entities around the world. We provide services to more than 2,000 vehicle societies (SPV) in all onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

As we actively work with holders of securitization funds, financial institutions, investment managers, organizers, trustees, investors, regulatory managers, etc., we offer a wide range of services that can adapt to any specific need in each transaction. With more than 150 structured finance specialists that are part of a team of 4,000 professionals of Law and Accountancy, we have presence in over 80 countries; our scope and global capabilities in the area are unrivalled.

We have more than 12 years of experience in Argentina in the generation and management of financial and trust instruments. According to statistics published by the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and the Comisión Nacional de Valores, TMF Group Argentina was named the second most important fiduciary company in Argentina in terms of issuance and the amount of transactions performed in 2012. We have issued debt securities and share certificates for public entitlements for a total amount of ARS$ 3,519 million through 37 offerings.

We work with interest rates and changes in currency, changes in full profitability, credit risks standard, etc. As a specialist in global compliance, we ensure that all SPV keep up to date regarding legal requirements and that are totally compatibles with all local laws and regulations. Other fiduciary services include:

  • Financial trust
  • Security agent
  • Note agent
  • Collateral agent
  • Bonds trust
  • Holder representative
  • Stocks trustee
  • Real estate trustee
  • Trustee with voting rights
  • Successor trustee
  • Information trustee/ information agent
  • Depositary

As a global team (and, probably, as an independent provider of corporate services issuing debt structures around the world), we offer a complete service in multiple jurisdictions, as well as providing private equity structures for corporations, banks, high assets and representatives in the world. The secret of our success is our commitment, which is supported by our expert professionals. We are passionate in what we do, we are committed to our work and we look to move forward. We are present where and when you need us.

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