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Global Head of GEM Sales, TMF Group
13 June 2024
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Carve-out insights: navigating cross-border deals with Ben Fielding

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In this podcast, Ben Fielding, TMF Group’s Head of Sales for Global Entity Management, talks about the complexities of multinational carve-out deals.

TMF Group's Ben Fielding has years of experience in managing M&A transactions, particularly within the complex field of carve-out deals. In this podcast episode*, Ben addresses the rise of multinational carve-outs in 2024 and beyond and how this is placing increasing pressure on organisations to solve the challenges that surround them.

Using a problem-solution approach, Ben explores the critical aspects of carve-outs, including legal structuring, compliance considerations and the role of transition services agreements (TSAs). He discusses practical solutions, safeguards and best practices to mitigate these risks and ensure complete operational readiness.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Ben's expert insights and practical strategies from his own case studies provide listeners with tangible illustrations that help to explain the nuances of managing cross-border transactions effectively.

Podcast host, Rachael Johnson, guides the conversational format with Ben that will keep listeners informed and entertained through the many topics that they cover, from IT challenges and cultural considerations to transitioning out of the TSA. The episode ensures that listeners will walk away with a thorough understanding of all the elements involved in a carve-out deal.

If you're a professional involved in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions or international business operations, your takeaway will be actionable insights and constructive strategies that you can use to navigate current and future carve-out transactions with confidence.

How TMF Group can help

We offer tailored solutions for every type of M&A transaction across a wide range of business sectors. With our extensive experience and thorough understanding of M&A complexities, specifically within the field of carve-outs, we can help you navigate your transactions with global reach and expert support. learn more about our M&A services here

*This podcast was recorded with The Chartered Governance Institute as part of their Engage Governance series. To listen

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