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About Metsä Group

Services for: Accounting and tax compliance

Provided in: 18 countries across Europe and the Middle East

Finnish forest industry group, Metsä Group had centralised its processes and ways of working, and it was looking for a single service provider with flexibility to work in partnership with how the company operates around the world. It also wanted a provider with considerable local knowledge to handle its reporting needs.

Metsä Group turned to TMF Group to handle its VAT, tax declarations and financial statements. TMF Group also provides regular updates on changes in local rules and regulations and how they affect the business.

Metsä Group is planning to grow, not only in Europe but also in America and Asia. As it establishes new offices globally it will likely include them in TMF Group’s scope, as well as widen the services it provides to its existing offices.

Compliance, accuracy and reliability are attributes that we value in our business partners, and we can count on all three with TMF Group.

Henri Sederholm, SVP Group Finance, Metsä Group

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