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Industry: Healthcare

US medical solutions provider Sage Products is benefiting from TMF Group’s expertise across a wide range of business support services, without the need for large infrastructure investments as it expands its business across Europe.

The challenge

As a privately held, medium-sized company, Sage Products wanted to expand its business across Europe without creating a huge infrastructure. It needed a single partner who could provide a wide range of business support services, including payroll, accounting and tax, and company secretarial services, across several jurisdictions.

The solution

Having worked with TMF Group previously for the provision of payroll services in the Netherlands and France, Sage Products already knew that when the time came to set up its European entities, it already had a good partner for the extra services it needed.

TMF Group was able to provide several outsourced services effortlessly, all through a single source. Sage Products established its European base in TMF Group’s office in Geneva, Switzerland. From this base, Sage Products benefits from day-to-day support and guidance, including board membership, legal and domiciliary service, and tax compliance services. 
Sage Products has found it invaluable to have a single point of contact who understands all the details of its business, with the expertise to do what is best for the company at each stage of its growth path.

Services provided to Sage Products by TMF Group included: directorship, domiciliation, corporate secretarial, accounting, fiscal and VAT representation, payroll, and coordination across several countries (France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK).

From the beginning, TMF Group has handled payroll for our European employees flawlessly at every stage of the process, meeting the unique legislation in each country. When the time came for me to move to Europe, TMF Group was also extremely helpful in domiciling us in Switzerland. Things have worked out fantastically, with TMF Group being an all-in-one provider for us and allowing us to do the things that we need to do – grow the business rapidly without having a huge infrastructure throughout Europe.

Matthew Ross, Vice President, International Division, Sage Products LLC

About Sage Products LLC

Sage Products LLC (now part of Stryker) is a US medical products company, and its core belief is that evidence-based interventions will lead to improved outcomes. Its advanced patient hygiene products and programs help healthcare facilities improve clinical outcomes by reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infection and skin breakdown. It develops new concepts and products that address the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare industry.

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