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Why does an average 16% of deal value drain away when overruns last more than four months?

Carve-outs have become increasingly popular among global dealmakers – with a threefold increase in volume since 2016. And, post COVID-19, this impetus should continue as a mixture of pent-up demand, distressed and non-core assets and lower valuations lure cash-rich private equity firms and corporates back to the deal table.

However, Cross-border carve-outs, a new independent market research study commissioned by TMF Group, suggests that dealmakers could be losing substantial amounts of money due to avoidable delays and a disregard for the three fundamentals of successful carve-outs.

The survey reveals that a significant number of deals still take too much time: 19% of corporate respondents and 24% of PE firms say their most recent deal took longer than expected.

Those delays can push up costs – by an average 16% of deal value for overruns longer than four months, according to our study.

The report identifies three keys to cross-border carve-out success:

  1. Local presence: 76% with a moderate to well-established presence have mostly successful outcomes.
  2. Realistic timetable: 84% of deals completed within four months were mostly successful.
  3. Robust preparation: 78% of corporates and 64% of PE firms say delays in completion could have been avoided with more preparation.

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TMF Group works with alongside global transaction advisors to ensure deal fatigue doesn’t set in when it comes to the final hard yards of full entity activation and operational readiness – that’s wherever a complex, cross-border carve-out needs to do business, no matter how fragmented the footprint. 

With a full-service capability in local tax compliance, HR admin and payroll and company secretarial across 120 wholly-owned offices worldwide, we are your answer to any client who asks: “why can’t I just copy what the seller is doing in each country and leave it there?” 

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