IP licensing and collection

The global entertainment industry is diverse, complex and constantly evolving. TMF Group provides tailor-made financial services to help maximise the earning potential of entertainment assets whether they are films, television productions, video games or other intellectual property rights (such as patents and trademarks).

We can ensure your intellectual property assets are properly managed and protected. Our dedicated team works closely with an international network of lawyers, accountants and specialist advisors to take on any kind of challenge involving royalty management and the exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Collection account management

As an independent and trusted third party we can collect, administer and disburse revenues from the global exploitation of audio visual works such as films, television programs and video games.

We provide our clients with a fully transparent and impartial overview of the financial status of the exploitation of these works, and undertake all transactions efficiently.

By appointing a collection account manager, parties with a financial interest in the revenues of a project are forced to think about the allocation of all generated revenues at an early stage of production.

As the collection account manager we provide protection against certain financial and economic risks inherent in the audiovisual industry such as the bankruptcy of a sales agent/international distributor or any other party involved in the production or distribution chain of the project.

If there are disputes between the parties involved, we hold all received proceeds in the collection account and mediate between the disputing parties until the issues are resolved and the funds can be released as agreed unanimously.

We also act as a long-term visible partner who can be contacted throughout a project’s commercial lifecycle. We can answer your questions about its financial performance even when Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) have been liquidated, closed or renamed.

IP licensing and distribution

We acquire and distribute many internationally-acclaimed films and television programs as well as intellectual property rights in other areas. We work in close cooperation with our partners and have a sizeable presence in France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the US. This geographical reach, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the audio visual entertainment market, puts us in an ideal position to acquire international distribution rights and to connect with the most suitable distributors.

Revenue reconciliations: RevCheck

TMF Group’s partner company RevCheck offers worldwide revenue reconciliation and distribution audit services to the entertainment industry. RevCheck performs desk-based revenue checks both of royalty statements provided by clients and of data from its own research.

It also conducts complete accounting verifications at a licensee’s place of business. Our local accounting professionals can manage time-consuming fieldwork under RevCheck’s supervision.

Licensing rights holders such as producers and distribution/sales companies, as well as beneficiaries and revenue participants including investors, funding entities and talent can benefit from our extensive specialist knowledge and our global network of selected external advisors and accounting professionals.p>

Due to RevCheck's in-depth knowledge of international distribution deals it can offer fair and objective advice to all parties involved in the reconciliation process.

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Freeway Entertainment

Freeway Entertainment, part of TMF Group, is a financial services company operating in the international entertainment industry with offices in the Netherlands, the UK, Hungary, France, Spain and a representative office in the US.

Its core collection account management service provides tailor-made royalty collection and administration solutions to maximise the earning potential of your entertainment assets. As a trusted third party, Freeway also collects, administers and disburses revenues derived from the exploitation of films, television programs and video games. This ensures that you have a fully transparent and impartial financial overview of the exploitation of your projects.

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