Capital Markets services

A full range of capital markets services that focus on timeliness, professionalism, efficiency, accuracy and customer service.

What sets our Capital Markets services apart?

We are one of the largest independent providers of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) management, Agency and Trust services for capital markets transactions worldwide. We provide integrated service delivery across multiple jurisdictions, and we offer a single point of contact – who speaks your language – to seamlessly manage your transactions. No other company has our reach, or our global network of experts.

Our services

Our team can help with a wide range of services.

Aircraft Finance services

We manage hundreds of aircraft leases in SPVs around the world, working with a range of aircraft lessors; both new entrants and established players, airlines, private equity, hedge funds and banks.

We have staff in every major global jurisdiction that is used for aviation services. This allows us to move swiftly, and provide efficient, effective service anywhere in the world.

Corporate Bonds services

We support our clients with corporate bond issuance and wider financing strategies across a wide range of debt structures, and with both onshore and offshore services.

We’re a leading player in the international corporate bonds market. Issuers have access to a full suite of services to facilitate competitive deal execution. We’re proud to assist our corporate clients to fuel growth through debt obligations.

Escrow services

As an Escrow Agent, TMF Group services and administers clients’ escrowed assets such as cash, securities, property (including intellectual property), contracts or other collateral. Performing within the terms and conditions set out in its escrow agreement, we can support escrow requirements for a wide variety of transactions and services.

Loan services

Making it easier and faster to access money from capital markets by providing support throughout the entire loan lifecycle.

We service bilateral, club and syndicated loans, representing either a group of lenders on a single loan through our Loan Agency services, or a direct lender(s) with a portfolio of loans through our Loan Servicing proposition.

Project Finance services

We meet the demands and challenges that are inherent with long-term project financing. We administer project financing with experienced, multi-jurisdictional staff globally.

We have a dedicated team of experienced loan and project finance professionals with in-depth knowledge of dealing with a variety of lenders, both from the MLA/ECA arena and commercial lenders, supporting the project before and after financial close.

Securitization services

We provide a broad range of services for administering and managing securitizations, covered bonds and structured finance transactions for different types of assets.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals help you every step of the way. We also have a well-established network of international    relation¬ships with the structured finance industry’s leading legal and taxation advisors.

Why work with us?

TMF Group’s capital markets services provide a number of advantages.

  • Expertise: as one of the largest providers of management and administration services to capital markets transactions, we have a pool of talented staff with industry experience. This allows you to focus on your key strategic goals rather than the day-to-day management of your transactions.
  • Flexibility: we provide a broad range of services to capital markets clients.
  • Single point of contact: we provide access to both an experienced team and an experienced professional, who acts as your single point of contact, and co-ordinates internally within TMF Group.
  • Independence: TMF Group is not tied to any financial institution, law, tax or accounting firm. Our independence guarantees that we always put the interest of our clients first.

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