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IPT compliance services supported by IPT Quote

Our IPT experts enable you to meet your global Insurance Premium Tax requirements with ease.  Leveraging our in-country expertise, TMF Group can help reduce the burden of insurance tax compliance by improving processes and reducing costs.

Our innovative service, IPT Quote, completes your insurance tax calculations, whilst our experienced team of experts submit your tax payments on time.

IPT Compliance Services provides:

  • The ability to save time - we help to simplify the tax administration process of your cross border insurance policies.
  • A complete package of compliance services, including:
    • Registration for IPT - We register your company with the appropriate authorities
    • Calculation rules and tax computation of IPT - You can be confident your IPT calculations are correct and in accordance with the requirements of differing jurisdictions.  
    • Tax filing service - Preparation, signature and submission of returns and payment handling to the appropriate authorities
    • Penalty regime analysis - allowing you to be fully aware of the risks associated with foreign IPT regimes such as your potential exposure to penalties and fines 
    • Local representation - allows us to liaise with tax authorities on your behalf to keep you fully informed for any decision making processes
    • Statutory records keeping -helping you meet local compliance requirements regarding your registers, insurance policies, books and contracts
    • Change management - Communicate local legislative and regulatory changes, allowing you to assess the relevant impact and keeping you up to date across all areas in which you are exposed to IPT requirements 

IPT Quote

IPT Quote is the most comprehensive online insurance tax database and calculator available on the market today. Endorsed by LIIBA (London and International Insurance Brokers Association), it provides a single source for all tax calculation needs and can address tax liabilities on the most complex of multinational programs.

Rate check 

Our global insurance tax database gives you access to all rates across any line of business at the click of a button.  Our APIs allow you to populate your internal databases with our accurate and comprehensive data set.

Tax Calculator

Generates tax schedules for multi –insurer, multi-line and multinational programmes using a streamlined four step process.  Full or partial integration with your IT platforms unlocks further efficiency.

IPT Drive

Unlocks the full potential of our tool by generating your monthly insurance tax liabilities in every territory to which you are exposed, as well as giving you the full benefits of rate check and our tax calculator.  

IPT Quote is highly configurable, able to align to your specific business needs, giving you the flexibility to create, rename and tailor content to your requirements.

The combination of using IPT Quote and leveraging our team of experts will give you confidence that your IPT exposure is transparent, controlled and simplified, and provides you with the global coverage you need.

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