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Finding the right HR and payroll service solution for your business can be a challenge, due to the absence of a global HR and Payroll arrangement.

Thanks to TMF Group’s innovation, organisations now have a range of international HR and payroll options to suit their business needs and help them achieve their commercial ambitions.

We provide a number of bespoke solutions, designed to suit your team and market sector. Our payroll service is flexible and can support local data exchange in electronic or manual form. We created TMF Connector to support processes by means of simple, manually prepared spreadsheets or fully integrated exchanges with your systems.

TMF Group also identifies the following as key to encouraging success in payroll delivery:

  • control of payroll schedules
  • secure data exchange
  • payroll approvals
  • dashboard metrics of payroll processing status and KPI deliverables
  • accessibility to data, whether that be for employees accessing payslips online (e-payslips) or your payroll and finance teams accessing global reports

You can also be confident of TMF Group’s knowledge and understanding of local compliance. This is because our global payroll service  is supported by regional offices,  staffed by people who are familiar with local language, laws and customs.

TMF Group’s global business services have been recognised in market assessment reports from Everest Group and NelsonHall in relation to our broad capabilities and innovative technology solutions; all underpinned by a global governance model that provides clients with increased transparency and greater control of their own unique operations.

These include:

  • A Major Contender in global payroll outsourcing and the strongest provider in Latin America (Multi-Country Payroll Peak Matrix Assessment 2015)
  • Widest Geographic Coverage and Strong Language Capabilities (Multi-Country Payroll Platform Assessment 2016)
  • ‘A Leader’ in multi-country payroll focus (NelsonHall’s NEAT Evaluation for Payroll Services 2016)

Interested in our HR and payroll services or have any questions? Please fill in our ‘Make an enquiry’ form today, with details of your request and we will get in touch with you to provide more details.

TMF Group named a ‘Major Contender' and ‘Star Performer' for overall payroll delivery capabilities and market success.

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