An intuitive payroll delivery system

With our secure global payroll solution, you have control, with full visibility and compliance across your global payroll operations.

Global payroll intelligence at your fingertips

We’ve developed an intuitive and easy-to-use payroll middleware to help you exchange, process and manage global payroll data between TMF Group and your company’s managers, payroll teams and employees. 

It is system agnostic, optimised for mobile devices and able to interface with almost any leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) system or Time & Attendance (T&A) software.

Our cloud-based solution enables you to manage and report effectively on payroll performance and improve business decisions by drawing on consistent, up-to-date information on global employment costs and trends.

Enjoy the perfect balance between secure technology and local regulatory payroll expertise, ensuring accurate, timely and compliant payroll.

During onboarding, we work with you to create the interfaces, workflows, reports, roles and permissions needed on the application.

Failsafe prompts for managers and maximised process visibility

Our technology solution takes the heavy lifting out of delivering payroll accurately, compliantly and on time.

You can even use mobile devices to check your business’s cross-country payroll status and provide authorisations on the move. Don’t let moving between meetings stop you or your senior stakeholders accessing real-time analytical information on your payroll financial and employee data.

Nothing falls between the cracks. What if one of your offices hasn’t entered its required payroll data on time? In this situation, our global payroll system produces an email prompt and, if needed, escalates the issue to senior company management and the local TMF Group office.

Secure access to documentation and online support for employees

You get an intuitive, consistent, web-enabled experience.

Your employees can access payroll-related information securely from any device – computer, smartphone or tablet – fully confident that it is a secure location for payslips and other confidential information.

At the same time, they can interact with your company or TMF Group payroll experts to resolve queries or problems in their time zones and native languages.

What people say about our service

“The overall accuracy, reporting, and quality of payroll data has improved, and JELD_WEN’s team can leverage TMF Group’s expertise in local compliances for the payroll process and other compliance-related matters outside payroll. After partnering with TMF Group, JELD-WEN’S payroll team has gained greater assurance that local regulations are adhered to all times and updated on a timely basis”.

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TMF Horizon - the solution to global payroll

TMF Horizon Exchange

  • A secure tool for the exchange of payroll data between your company and TMF Group.
  • Your status dashboard displays clear workflows with daily tasks, reminders and client approval steps.
  • There is also a built-in calendar and dashboard to keep track of payroll processes across the globe, help you meet deadlines and providing visibility of all payroll activities.

TMF Horizon View

Here, your employees can view their payslips and tax documents and communicate directly with your payroll and HR teams. 

We can tailor the View module to include corporate documentation such as an employee handbook or your company's expense policy. You can also use this to notify your HR teams of all recent activities.

TMF Horizon Report

This module provides KPI monitoring and measurement of payroll performance at a global, country or entity level. The single dashboard provides payroll metrics, charts and a simple status view, depending on your profile within the company.

Shareable reports can be run in a single global format, and provide visibility of payroll costs at a global, regional or country level, in either a local or defined currency. 

The Report module comes with TMF Horizon Analytics, providing additional tools, charts, and mapping of data, including comparing countries and local entities, and intelligent forecasting, across finance, payroll and HR.

Our payroll delivery model

Step 1: Data input

When the payroll cycle begins, our application takes in the relevant payroll period data - including hours worked, changes and updates (new hires and leavers, bonus, commission, salary and absences) - either automatically from an interface with your HCM software or manually using data templates.

Step 2: Processing

Once the data is loaded into the local payroll system for processing and trial outputs, these are automatically sent within the application for review, approval, or reprocessing based on your specific feedback.

Step 3: Data output

After the approval is received, the application produces final reports, uploads bank files and summaries, fulfils statutory and check payments, and generates the final general ledger for upload to your company’s accounting system. Consecutively, emails are sent to your employees to alert them to new payslips.

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