Simple global file format to exchange payroll data globally

Exchanging payroll data has historically been difficult. Different countries use contrasting systems with varying technological capability and requirements.  TMF Connector removes these issues, allowing one format of data to be used in any of TMF Group’s Local Offices.

Major HR system providers have created specific product connectors to allow data to flow seamlessly from their HR systems to local payroll systems. This works well if you operate one of their existing applications, but what happens if your HR systems do not have such a provision? Previously the only solution was to build expensive, often difficult and complex bespoke interfaces that took a long time to implement.

Not any longer

TMF Group has created TMF Connector - a set of global templates in Excel or CSV format to exchange payroll data with all our Local Office payroll systems. The column delimited data is easy to understand, simple to extract electronically or complete manually if appropriate and incorporates data fields that are required in every country in which TMF Group operates.

Files are exchanged on an agreed basis, at least once per payroll processing period, and include data for new starters and employees who have left the organisation. Data relating to existing employee records can also be amended. Add to this information regarding absences and employee compensation data (payments, deductions) and TMF Connector inputs most of the information required for the payroll to process, quickly and easily.