When the carve-out fire bell rings

In the run-up to the deal – and even when it’s done – a whole world of compliance and operational hurt can be unleashed for CFOs and HR directors running what is now a familiar but brand-new business.

After long experience, we know the depth of multi-jurisdictional compliance complexity to which they are mercilessly exposed – and suddenly – not to mention grinding administrative detail across the board.   

  • Correct incorporation can be straightforward – it can also throw a spanner in the works when you’re transitioning across borders.  Timescales and processes vary significantly.
  • Being able to invoice customers on time, everywhere, is never a given.   Diverse procedures and processes are always around the corner, threatening your revenue model – and reputation.
  • Paying staff on time should be a breeze – if your parent company’s provider remains interested in servicing your new business, which is likely to be much smaller and more fragmented than their business model can accommodate.

Whether there is a TSA in place, or not, if you want your deal to complete the right way so that your revenue model delivers in line with expectations, you’ll need help from people like us, who help people like you, in situations like this, all the time.

Wherever you are on your corporate journey

We like to work with our clients at least six months ahead of a deal but if you are facing a crisis when expectation crashes into local realities, we work fast.   

At speed, TMF Group’s carve-out practice can put together a team of experts from a team of some 7,800 retained lawyers and paralegals, accountants and company secretaries, and employee lifecycle and payroll specialists, all operating on the ground from more than 120 TMF Group offices covering 80-plus jurisdictions.

But just one point of contact for you.

When the carve-out fire bell rings, make an enquiry here.