Family Business Wealth solutions

Preserving and growing your personal and business wealth

Our specialist Family Business Wealth team creates and administers services that provide for private clients and their extended families, manage multiple and complex cross-border assets, navigate tax and regulatory issues, and plan for estate and business succession.

We’ve been looking after private and business wealth for over 30 years

When you are entrusting your personal or business assets to someone, do you really want the uncertainty and inconvenience of multiple providers across several jurisdictions?   TMF Group’s Family Business Wealth team can provide you with a single point of contact, backed by a vast global network with years of experience in administering assets of diverse types and structures.

If you want your personal and business affairs centred in a location that works best for you, with advisors on-hand who can respond to your needs quickly and proficiently, then we are here to help.

By working with TMF Group, not only do you have access to our experienced teams and our network of more than 125 offices worldwide, but you will also benefit from our unrivalled local knowledge. Our local experts – all of whom are part of our global, independent and wholly-owned group – understand the intricacies and challenges involved in providing effective family business wealth solutions. They can quickly advise when there are changes in legislation which will impact the assets entrusted to us, and help you to plan your next steps.

More than three decades of experience in administering family business matters means that you can have confidence that we’ll be here long term, developing a deep knowledge of your business and its changing needs as the years pass.  Your account will be managed by a dedicated relationship manager, who can provide assistance no matter where you are or how many jurisdictions you operate from.

What we can do to help

We make it our priority to understand your current circumstances and future aspirations. With the help of your tax and legal advisors, we can devise, and then present, the best options and strategic courses available to you. Our Family Business Wealth team creates and administers solutions that will provide for extended families; manage multiple, complex cross-border assets; navigate tax and regulatory issues compliantly; provide for estate and business succession planning; and facilitate effective investments now and for the future.

Our solutions include:

  • Consolidation of assets
  • Portfolio performance monitoring through regular review and reporting
  • Management of lifestyle assets such as yachts, planes and art
  • Estate planning for future generations
  • Succession planning that minimizes business continuity costs
  • Risk management by limiting personal liability and taking advantage of favorable legislative regimes in various jurisdictions
  • Discussing, facilitating and executing compliant international taxation planning with your tax and legal advisors
  • Philanthropy by facilitating the ability to donate money or goods to support a charitable cause

High net worth individuals (HNWI)

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Investment portfolio monitoring services

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Estate and inheritance planning

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Family business ownership and succession planning

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Trustee services

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Global governance services

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Why work with us?

TMF Group’s Family Business Wealth solutions offers you a number of advantages, including:

  • Global access and substantial international support
  • We work with you, and your advisors, to devise effective solutions for your needs
  • Dedicated staff who ensure a personal and specialized service to both clients and their professional advisers
  • Innovative and continual development of financial solutions and the expertise and resources to best serve clients’ interests

TMF Group’s international client base is diversified and includes family businesses, HNWIs and multi-national families. We are an independent third party which means we are free to work with your auditors, advisors or banks without creating conflicts or interest in corporate governance or local regulatory restrictions.

Interested in our Family Business Wealth solutions or have any questions? Please fill in our Make an enquiry’ form today, with details of your request and we’ll get in touch with you to provide more details.

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