TMF Group’s fund services geographical presence is unrivalled, including key territories across Europe, the second largest funds hub in the world behind the US.

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We are well positioned to provide a full service solution for any fund vehicle that is set up in the region, offering complete fund administration, depositary and AIFM services. 

We support capital deployment in all European countries and specialise in multi-jurisdictional investment structures. Our presence in 45 countries represents the largest geographical reach in the market, allowing us to service the fund and its related entities wherever the investment target may be. We can provide an end-to-end solution without the need to have multiple contact points for one investment structure, creating efficient communication and service delivery across the structure, and enabling clients to focus on their own clients’ important needs and expectations.

Because no two clients are exactly alike, TMF Group has adapted to provide a flexible service model which can be tailored to any fund manager’s needs.  We do not push clients into conforming to a set operating model. We adapt to support different requirements.

Global reach. Local knowledge.

TMF Group operates from 120 offices across 85 jurisdictions
worldwide and employs more than 9,100 experts

TMF Group's offices location around the world

Traditional outsourcing

Helping either startup managers or established sponsors to create or transition to an efficient outsourced fund accounting and investor reporting model

Reverse sourcing

Taking on the daily fund administration work of an established manager but leaving the data in the manager’s accounting ledgers and logging in remotely.

Operational lift out

Offering a full, traditional outsourcing model, under which TMF Group takes on the in-house staff as employees to enable the same people to continue doing the work for the fund and investors.

Our local experts in each country will keep you abreast of the ever-changing regulatory environment. This brings peace of mind to our clients, ensuring they are compliant locally and up to speed on rules and regulations, wherever they choose to invest.