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SELECTRA INVESTMENTS SICAV - ICAM FIRST (in liquidation) aims at generating a capital growth and at providing income over the medium term by investing mainly in European and United States equities and fixed income securities. 

The geographical areas of investments are the OECD countries with specific focus on European and United States markets. To achieve this investment objective, the sub-fund may have a maximum exposure of investments up to 100% of its assets in either (i) debt and debt-related instruments issued by both governmental and non-governmental issuers, with a maximum of 30% of the net assets invested in high-yield or sub-investment grade securities, and (ii) a maximum exposure of up to 75% of its assets equity and equity-related instruments. In particular, the sub-fund shall invest in highly liquid securities, with a market capitalization generally above EUR 1 (one) billion.

The sub-fund may hold, in case of specific market conditions, up to 100% of its assets in cash or Money Market Instruments (i.e. cash and short term deposits, certificates of deposit and bills, money market funds). 

The sub-fund may invest up to 40% of its total net assets in shares/units of UCITS and/or other UCIs (including ETF), of which up to 30% in shares/units of other UCIs.

In order to lower overall risk the sub-fund will not invest in derivatives (such as single stock futures, index futures, warrants or options) to meet the sub-fund’s investment objective. The sub-fund may use financial derivative instruments for the purpose of hedging currency risks only.

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