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SELECTRA INVESTMENTS SICAV – MONEIKOS BALANCED FUND is actively managed and it does not make reference to any index. The objective of the sub-fund is to achieve capital growth by combining different eligible assets and investing principally in a portfolio of UCITS, UCITS Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and other UCIs (the “Target Funds”), which respectively may invest mainly in cash and cash-linked instruments, bond, equity and equity-linked instruments. 

In order to meet the investment objective, the sub-fund may also invest up to 30% of the total net assets directly in:

  • Equity and equity linked securities without any geographical restriction;
  • Bonds, including fixed or floating rates, convertible bonds, zero-coupons, government and treasury bonds, without limits of duration and up to 10% the total net assets in below investment grade.

The sub-fund shall not invest directly in CoCos or distressed securities. The sub-fund could be indirectly exposed to CoCos through other UCIs investing in the instrument. The sub-fund will limit its exposure to dedicated CoCos fund to 10%. The sub-fund will not invest in dedicated distressed or defaulted UCIs.

The sub-fund shall not hold real estate directly. Exposure to real estate can however be achieved indirectly through Target Funds and is limited to UCITS real estate ETFs. Such UCITS real estate ETFs aim to offer liquid access to physical real estate through exposure to closed-ended type real estate investment trusts (REITs) and real estate operating companies traded globally, which offer income associated with the real estate as well as the liquidity of the traditional stocks.

The sub-fund may invest in money market instruments and Short-Term Deposits (up to 12 months) denominated in EUR, GBP, CHF, USD and JPY with a limit of 10% (ten percent) of the sub-fund’s Net Asset Value per money market instrument or Short-Term Deposit. Such investment in money market instruments and Short-Term Deposits will be done only on an ancillary basis.

To comply with the investment policy, the sub-fund may use financial derivative instruments, dealt in on a regulated market or not, subject to the provisions of Section “Investments restrictions”, for the purposes of hedging currency risks, interest rate risk and market risk and for efficient portfolio management. 

Financial derivative instruments used by the sub-fund may include, listed futures and/or options on underlyings such as equity index, government bonds and rates, forex and volatility, dealt on a regulated market and unlisted (forex forward and forex swaps) financial derivatives dealt OTC (“Over the counter”). Long and short positions may be employed. The sub-fund does not foresee any investment in total return swaps (TRS).

Under exceptional circumstances and and in the best interest of the shareholders, the sub-fund may be invested up to 100% of its net assets in cash, liquid assets or money market instruments on a temporary basis.

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LU2191338719-SELECTRA INVESTMENTS SICAV – Moneikos Balanced Fund CLASS A-EN

LU2191339014-SELECTRA INVESTMENTS SICAV – Moneikos Balanced Fund CLASS I-EN


Moneikos Balanced Fund - Factsheet A - EN

Moneikos Balanced Fund - Factsheet I - EN

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